Range Maintenance Chair

This Board position serves a two year term. Next election cycle is in 2024.



Our current Range Maintenance Chair

Joel Adema


This position coordinates the all-volunteer Work Days that make sure the range stays in great shape. Tasks might include:

  • Shooting station repair
  • Parking area repair
  • Inventory/reorganization of large container contents
  • Gravel and earth (re)distribution
  • Lead abatement
  • Flooding abatement
  • Processing downed trees into removable wood
  • General cleanup

May work closely with the Roads Cleanup Manager to coordinate Work Days.

As no one person could do all of this, we call on members with specialized skills, and try to make Maintenance Work days enjoyable for all.

Contact Joel at info@ThePRGClub.org to discuss any maintenance situation you see at the range.

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