PRGC Archery Range

RSO required on every active range

All about the PRGC Archery Range


Specifications.  Our archery range has 20yd, 30yd, and 40yd target stands in a natural setting, available to members and their guests daily from 9am to one hour before sundown. When practicing at our range, you may use broadhead arrows with your personal targets and stands. Do not use broadhead arrows with PRGC targets and PRGC hay-bale stands. The range fee for this range is $3, or free if you bring your own targets.


  • All archers must be club members or guests of club members.
  • Hearing and vision protection are required on all active ranges for both shooters and spectators.
  • An NRA-certified and PRGC-approved Range Safety Officer must be present on every active range, including this one.

If you're not an RSO yourself, you'll need to arrange for RSO coverage by calling 530-877-1345 a couple of days before your shooting excursion. Coverage is provided by volunteers.

If you arrive and find archers already active on this range, ask them (or check the whiteboard on this range) to learn who is the RSO, and check in with that person.

NOTE: No unattended children or pets are permitted in any live-fire situation.

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