Our RSO Requirement

because we're serious about safety.

All about the RSO requirement at PRGC


You've picked a day; carefully packed your restocked range bag; got your firearm(s), ammo, ear and eye protection, spotter's scope... Got gas in the car, checked the weather... Forgetting anything?

Our RSO requirement. We maintain the safest shooting environment possible. While we do allow individual members to use ranges, an NRA-certified and PRGC-approved Range Safety Officer (RSO) must be present at all times on any active range. This means that if you are not an RSO yourself, you must make arrangements with PRGC to have an RSO present in order to shoot.

To shoot with an RSO, you can do either of these:

  • Arrange for RSO coverage by calling the RSO line (530-877-1345) a couple of days ahead of your shooting excursion to arrange for an RSO to meet you at the range. (And BE NICE: remember that our RSOs are entirely volunteer. They put these hours in out of a desire to help the club and our community; it's not an obligation.)

  • Less certain: have a look at our calendar to see when RSOs are supposed to be present, and drive down hoping to catch an RSO available to work the range on which you want to shoot.

Another option is to become an RSO yourself. 

Here are the steps to becoming an Range Safety Officer.* Note that you must have an email address and access to a computer. PRGC will not entertain the RSO applications of those who are not NRA members.

* (These instructions are for those who are not NRA instructors. If you're an NRA instructor, you already know you have an online option for obtaining this certification.)


Get NRA RSO training!
  1. In your browser window, go to nrainstructors.org.

  2. In the dark blue bar at the top, click FIND A COURSE.

  3. Scroll to the SAFETY category at the bottom and click the box for "NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course."

  4. In the SEARCH area below that, enter your home zip code and approximately how many miles you’re willing to travel for this course.

  5. Click the grey “Search” button to the right.

  6. Select a specific course date/location from the resulting list.

  7. Register for that course. Pay your instructor’s fee. Attend the course. Participate. Pass the written test. Your instructor will then submit your pass/fail to the NRA.

  8. The next weekday or so, return to nrainstructors.org. Pay your annual NRA Instructor’s fee online -- an RSO is considered an instructional role -- and print your RSO credentials.

  9. Contact the PRGC Club Safety Manager at csm@thePRGClub.org or 530-877-1345 to request a PRGC range‐specific orientation in order to obtain approval to act as an RSO for that range, along with access keys and/or instructions.

  10. Carry on.