Board Member 8

This Board position serves a two year term. Next election cycle is in 2024.



Board Member 8

Caleb Chinn


My father was one of the old-time gun traders (no waiting period!) so my exposure to firearms started at a young age. In fact, I was four years old when I shot the holes in my dad's Stetson hat. ("It's okay. He won't be able to hit it!") For seventy years firearms have been in my life. In the Marine Corps I started with the M-1 Garand, got my M-14 when I went overseas, and was issued my first M-16 when I did my tour with 12th Special Forces (Abn.). As a civilian I have used firearms in sport, recreation, competition, instruction, and for self defense. They are to this day a very important part of my life (including great stress relief!). In my shooting years I've been involved in several gun clubs, and it pleases me to say that Paradise Rod and Gun Club has been by far the best gun club experience of all, due to its members. It is a pleasure and an honor to serve as a Board Member.

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