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Membership in PRGC: join us!

... or renew! Rates:

  • New members: One-time intiation fee: $100
  • Membership: $50/year. Includes a Significant Other and any family members under age 18 living at the same address.
  • NRA membership (required): $30/year if purchased through PRGC using this NRA link

New Members

Joining in person or by mail?

To join, print this Printable Membership Application (PDF). Fill it in and then hand it in to the Membership Chair at our next general meeting, along with your one-time setup fee ($100) and first-year dues ($50). Remember that you'll need your NRA number and expiration date to complete the membership form.

You can also mail the form and fees in to PRGC, P.O. Box 1081, Paradise CA 95967.

Joining online?

Secure online paymentPay the setup fee and first-years dues here. Then fill out this online Membership Application. Include your receipt #, and remember to click "Submit" to send the information.


Renewing Members

Renewing in person or by mail?

Find the Membership Chair at any general meeting. Dues are $50. Remember that we'll need your NRA number and current expiration date.

Secure online paymentRenewing online?

Pay dues here. We'll get notification. If any of your contact or other info has changed, though, be sure to let the Membership Chair know.

Membership Advantages

  • Low range fees: for the rifle and pistol ranges it's $5 for the entire shooting day (09:00 to an hour before sunset). The trap range fee is $5 per round (25 shots). The archery range fee is $3, or free if you bring your own targets.

Questions? See our Membership Chair at our next general meeting!

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