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A Brief History of PRGC

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Last updated 30-Aug-2016


The Paradise Rod & Gun Club was formed in April of 1946. Much of the club's history from that point on can be divided into an "old range era," a "new range era," and the nine-year gap between them.

Old Range the target stands Target stands at the old range. (Note the absence of a #13.) Click for larger image. (Photo from collection of D. Dingman.)

The club's original range was off Coutelenc Road near Paradise Lake (near a current archery range) and opened in 1946. This range had PG&E power, a water well, and two block restrooms with flushing toilets and wash basins. There were no RSOs and you did not have to be a member to shoot.

Long-gun fire line at the old range. Note the excessive luxury of the appointments. Click for larger image. (Photo from collection of D. Dingman.) Old range: Long gun fire line

Trap was a major activity at the time. The club's original target-throwing machine was electric and had to be loaded by hand while in motion. It was a dangerous job that often was performed by local teenagers... until the club's lawyer strongly suggested a different approach. (In contrast, the club's current target-throwing machine is an automatic one that is loaded while unpowered.)

Old Range the target stands Different view of the long-gun fire line. Click for larger image. (Photo from collection of D. Dingman.)

There were four competitions a year, with trophies awarded. In those days 40-50 club members would show up for the competitions. Most were conducted using M1-Garands, 30-06.

Back then the purchase of an M1-Garand required up to two years waiting time. The club owned eight of these at the time and loaned them out for those who were waiting for their own to be delivered.

Longtime member Dave Dingman recalled recently that when he joined in 1983 dues were $15 per year. Everyone renewed in January, and in January the gate lock combination changed. The range fee for trap shooting was $3, Sundays and Wednesdays.

Possibly inspired by the quarterly competitions, Dave bought his own M1-Garand (an International Harvester with a four-digit barrel number) for $45, plus shipping costs.

A severe snow storm in 1984 laid heavy snow on the region. The roofs of many mobile homes and some brick/board buildings (including the bowling alley in Paradise) caved in. Infrastructure at the range was damaged as well and required repair.

Work begins on the berming at the new range in 1999. Click for larger image. (Photo from collection of D. Dingman.) New Range: berm building begins

In 1992 the club lost the lease on this land because houses had been built within hearing range, and the people who moved in nearby and didn't enjoy the noise. The new range wasn't opened until about 2001, leaving a gap of nine years. During those years many appeals were made at meetings of the County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. Several members put in many, many hours of volunteer time and effort representing the Club's interest to these bodies, including (in order by last name) Dell Crum, Dave Dingman, Ron Fy, Mike Hohenthaler, Bob Labaw, Larry Main, and Bill Wolf. Eventually, permission was obtained for a new range--and at that point fundraising began. All eight of the club-owned M1-Garands were sold for $300 apiece to help purchase land. Dave Dingman sold his own prized M1-Garand to the club for $600, and the club raffled it off to raise $3,000. (The winner was Larry Main.) Eventually, land was purchased but it wasn't suitable for a range, and so was traded for the 40 acres that now house the Paradise Rod & Gun Club range you know today.

Berm building continues Berm building continues. Click for larger image. (Photo from collection of D. Dingman.)

The fence around the new range was finished in 1998.

The biggest berm was started in 1999. The base laid down by the volunteer construction crew consisted of hundreds of tires and perhaps thousands of bowling pins. As the berm was being finished the group realized that it actually had to be extended toward Skyway, so that happened.

Another look at some of the base construction of the berms. Far R: Dave Dingman. Click for larger image. (Photo from collection of D. Dingman.) New Range: Berm being extended

A new trap machine was purchased for $6K.

The golf club continued to expand to the edge of their property (marked by the fence around the range).

To be continued...


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