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Executive Committee

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Elected Officers

Title Name Email
President Main, Chris
Vice President Main, Fran
Secretary Maguire, Bill
Treasurer Way, Duncan
President Emeritus Albers, Darwin Filled by latest past president

Board Members

Title Name Term Expires
Board Member 1 Barrett, Dennis 31-Dec-2020
Board Member 2 Laskey, Jerry 31-Dec-2021
Board Member 3 Way, Duncan 31-Dec-2020
Board Member 4 Jamel, Louise 31-Dec-2021
Board Member 5 Kane, Steve 31-Dec-2020
Board Member 6 Keel, Gene 31-Dec-2021
Board Member 7 Levi, Paul 31-Dec-2020
Board Member 8 Chinn, Caleb 31-Dec-2021
Board Member 9 Main, Chris 31-Dec-2020
Board Member 10 Main, Fran 31-Dec-2021
Board Member 11 Maguire, Bill 31-Dec-2020
Board Member 12 May, John 31-Dec-2021

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