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The 2019 Paradise Rod & Gun Club ASPIRIN SHOOT

Image of a .257 mag hitting an aspirin

(otherwise known as "The Pill Popper)


This challenge is open to current PRGC members only.

Printable Info Sheet

Printable Witness Form


This shoot will run from 08/15/2019 through 10/31/2019. Those who have successfully completed the challenge will receive certificates of recognition at the next PRGC general meeting on 11/21/2019. If there is enough interest, custom T-shirts and patches could be made available to each successful shooter at club cost.


To hit an aspirin at either 50 yards or greater (.22 rimfire), 75 yards or greater (.17 rimfire) or 100 yards or greater (any caliber).


One aspirin (approximately .405 inches in diameter) affixed to a target on a club target frame at a chosen range at the PRGC shooting range.


A current member of the PRGC must observe the hit and sign a witness statement confirming the hit. The witness statement will also include the witness and shooters names (as well as any nicknames); the date, time, type and caliber of firearm; the distance shot; the type of rest used; and sighting equipment. The completed statement must have the witness’s and shooter’s signature attesting that the hit was done under the guidelines and in the spirit of the challenge. Filled out statements are to be deposited in the gun range safe drop box in the 40-footer.


  • Any safe, legal firearm may be used.
  • Caliber must be appropriated for the range chosen (i.e., .22rimfire for 50 yards or greater, .17 rimfire for 75 yards or greater, and any caliber for 100 yards or greater).
  • Any sighting device may be used.
  • No limits on weight, stock configuration, type of action or trigger pull weight.
  • Any CA-legal ammunition may be used whether commercial manufactured or reloads. (Those shooting reloaded ammunition are responsible for the safety of their ammunition.)

Shooting position

All shooting will be done from the bench-rest position utilizing the rifle benches at the PRGC shooting range. Forward rests are to be of the field improvised type (i.e., rolled up field jackets, back packs, wooden blocks to replicate a log or rock covered with a hat or jacket, and so on). NO COMMERCIAL RESTS ARE TO BE USED with the exception of an attached bi-pod. The toe of the rifle stock or the butt of a pistol grip cannot contact anything except the shooter’s hands or body.


This is a shooting challenge and can be done at the shooter’s (and witness’s) convenience.

Normal range fees apply.

Shooter must furnish their own aspirin and method of attachment.

There is no limit on how many times you may attempt this shoot nor the number of shots you can shoot. One aspirin at any or all ranges earns you the title of Pill Popper Extraordinaire and entitles you to all the privileges thereof.

For further information contact Caleb at 877-2161 (preferred) or 353-5196.

Let's go out and abuse some drugs!!

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